Saturday, May 11, 2013

Governance: This is your blog. This is how you can post.

This blog is open to all who want to write about working with civil society.
Based on the quality criteria for member based civil society organisations, the community has agreed on the following rules for this blog community. The rules will be updated regularly based on your suggestions. The system is simple, you make a suggestion and if no-one objects you have changed the rules:
  1. Editorial Control: Anybody can submit guest blogs related to civil society with the least possible editorial control. It could work like this: 
    1. An aspiring contributor would express his interest to any of the recent authors
    2. Her name will then be added to the list of "Authors"
    3. The aspiring contributor can then write her blog without further editorial control
    4. When there are more authors than the blogger software can handle, the FIFO principle will be used to remove the least active author who can of course reapply any time. 
  2. Format: Focused and Short:
    1. The blogs have to fit on 1 page 
    2. Tubes should be less then 15 minutes
  3. Easy on the Eye: Anybody who would like to change the look of the blog can follow the same procedure as for making a content contribution.
  4. Place holder for other rules